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    delete applied archive log from standby.


      Environment information:
      os : linux
      database: node cluster)

      We have set archive deletion policy on primary. whenever the archive get applied to standby database it got deleted automatically from standby.
      the database is configued using flash recovery. we get archive log destination full error after every alternate day because of which the archive doesnt get applied to standby from primary and we have to manually apply the log on standby after deleting the log from standby.
      I need to set the archive deletion policy on standby also so that i can get rid of this issue.
      Can you guys please suggest me so that the archive log get deleted from standby as soon it got applied.
      I have found one interesting while googling.

      run {
      allocate channel for maintenance device type disk;
      delete archivelog until time 'sysdate -5';

      if i will configure above command on standby, will it automatically delete the archive log which is five days old or i have to run the above command manually when i have to delete the archive.

      Your assistance is much appreciated in this regards,