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    Migrating FDM Application from one landscape to other


      I am very new to EPM, I want to migrate FDM application from development environment to test environment. Please guide me how can I do it. Any refer to any step by step instructions or document will be a great help.

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          There are quite a few KM Documents in the Knowledge Base in My Oracle Support explaining how to perform this process. There are two available options:

          a) Create a new application in the target environment and in the source environment use the workbench to export all metadata including mappings. This XML file can then be imported into the new application in the target environment. This will migrate the shell of the application without any data.

          b) To Migrate the application and all data, you would need to perform a database backup of the source environment and restore the backup in the target environment (SQL Server) or use the Oracle Tools to export the user schema to a .dmp file and import the .dmp file into a new user schema in the target environment (Oracle). The Application folder would also need to be copied from the source environment to the application share in the target environment. Once this is complete the <Add Application> process would be used to add the migrated application.

          Hope this helps.
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            Yes, that definely help. I will try the same (No 2 option) and will be seeking further help if got into some issue.

            Thanks very much for replying.
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              When I do a export in the Dev environment and import in the Stage environment will it over-write all the values that exist in the Stage?

              For Exp: I have some 7 different interface/location in Dev, I have 2 interface/location in Stage.

              I want to move only 3 new location/interface in Dev to Stage, remaining 2 interface are still in development. Can you suggest me how to do it?

              Thank you

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                It depends on what type of 'export' you are doing.

                A Database export will require you to export from User/Schema-Dev and import into a blank User/Schema-Test.
                An XML Export done via the workbench should NEVER be used to update an application.

                So to answer your general question: There is no way to just take 1 or 2 locations from Dev and update them into Test via any means of an export/import. You will need to manually recreate the objects. Depending on the complexity of the objects; you can export the grids to excel; update the required information and then do an import.... but this could lead to 10s to 20 excel files.

                Thank you,