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    Problems with APEX Listner

      I've installed oracle 11gR2 on windows server 2008 R2.
      There is an embedded oc4j version

      Now i want to use the apex listener with apex 4.0.

      i try to start oc4j standalone with this command java -jar oc4j.jar (according to user guide for the apex listener)

      in the commandline i get the following

      10/08/17 12:55:07 Oracle Containers for J2EE 10g ( initialized

      but nothing more happens...seems to hang
      I do not know if there should happen more

      http://localhost:8888/em is not working...page not found

      and what is the oc4jadmin...I have not set up these during the installation of the rdbms or the creation of a database
      have i also install a standalone variant of the OC4J on this server

      can someone give me an advice
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          Hi Jack,

          it seems you mixed something up when reading the install guide for the APEX Listener. You can use the "Embedded Web Container" started by
           java –jar <temp directory>\apex.war 
          but that's not the OC4J runtime you are starting but a Glassfish.
          The OC4J Container standalone does not offer you an Enterprise Manager (EM) to deploy applications, that is only available for the full Oracle Application Server.
          You could try to deploy the apex.war to your OC4J standalone though, but I don't think you actually want things to be so complicated and off-support. Anyhow I wouldn't give you any advice on how to break your fingers until you tell me why you need it. ;)