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    External Windows Server 2003 for Apex application and Apex listener?

      Hi All,

      I have oracle RAC installed on solaris with three nodes. I have several users in RAC. I want to install APEX so that each user can access APEX if they need. Based on googling that I have done is not clear to me. My goal is to stay away from production systems as much as possible. Could you please advise me which method may be a good to implement this? I am thinking following methods but I am not sure if they are correct.
      1-     Put Apex in External Windows Server 2003
      2-     Put Apex Listener in Windows Server 2003
      3-     Allow user connect the Windows Server to access Apex

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          APEX needs a database to be installed into. If you don't want to expose your RAC and use a separate database instance, users wont be able to access data available in the RAC (unless you create database links, but you usually wouldn't want that).
          You can install APEX Listener on your Windows 2003 to access the APEX-Installation in your RAC database. You need to choose a J2EE Container to host your APEX listener. See the APEX Listener install guide for supported containers or search the forum or google to find out what other containers may be suitable for you (e.g. Apache Tomcat is not officially supported but capable of hosting the listener).
          You will have to configure firewall and/or routing rules so all users may access the port used by the container.