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    WebLogic 10.3 Silent Installation


      I am trying to do silent install of WebLogic 10.3 on the RHEL 5 (64 bit) by running below command. (FYI -I am using generic installer as I could not find the 64 bit installer @ http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/ias/downloads/wls-main-097127.html)

      $ java -jar server103_generic.jar -mode=silent -silent_xml=/var/tmp/silent.xml -log=/usr/home/bea/silent.log

      The installation is asking for the Eclipse Home details.

      Extracting 0%....................................................................................................100%
      An external Eclipse Home must be specified when using the generic installer.

      Is it mandatory to install the Eclipse for WebLogic 10.3?

      Thank you,
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          I Think May be your choosing version package contains the Eclipse Version.
          Please check the Package What what it contains. accordingly you have to provide the information.

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            Saritha Vasa
            Make sure to have correct components selected in silent.xml. Here is a sample version.

            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <data-value name="BEAHOME" value="/apps/oracle"/>
            <data-value name="USER_INSTALL_DIR" value="/apps/oracle/wlserver_10.0"/>
            <data-value name="INSTALL_NODE_MANAGER_SERVICE" value="no"/>
            <data-value name="COMPONENT_PATHS" value="WebLogic Server/Server|WebLogic Server/Server Add-ons"/>
            <data-value name="INSTALL_SHORTCUT_IN_ALL_USERS_FOLDER" value="no"/>

            Hope this helps.
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              Faisal Khan
              follow this

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                Hi ,

                You can specify the Eclipse External Home by using the below arguments in the silent.xml


                Silent-mode installation requires the same amount of temporary disk space and uses the same temporary storage directories as a standard installation. If you re running out of temporary space, you can change the default temporary directory by using the below parameter


                You can try running the below command.

                java -jar file_name.jar -Djava.io.tmpdir=<directory-location> -mode=silent -silent_xml=path_to_silent.xml

                Refer the below link for a sample example of Silent Installation.


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                  Derek Sharpe
                  WLS generic does not require Eclipse. I used the wls1034_generic.jar with the following silent.xml. I installed OEL 5 update 6, then JRockit x64, then WLS.

                  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                  <data-value name="BEAHOME" value="/home/oracle/wls11gPS3"/>
                  <data-value name="WLS_INSTALL_DIR" value="/home/oracle/wls11gPS3/wlserver_10.3" />

                  The install succeeded with no errors.