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    Count function in BI Publisher Reports


      We are converting Actuate reports to BI Pub reports and we are new to BI Pub. One of our Actuate report lists all the open SRs sorted by the Severity. At the end of the report there is a small table that lists the count of all the SRs grouped by severity.

      We used the Report conversion utility and converted this report. When I test the repot the initial report of listing all SRs grouped by Severity works great. But the table at the end of the report that counts all the SRs by severity doesnt work. The conversion utility didnt convert the logic for this.

      How do I accomplish this functionality? Something like below

      Severity #of SRs

      Critical 5

      Major 13

      Minor 10

      Information 10

      TOTAL 27

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.