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    New Oracle Store is going to replace Oracle iStore

      I have heared that Oracle is looking for some better e-commerce solution over 'Oracle iStore'. They think 'New Oracle Store' is better solution.

      Visit following url - https://oraclestore.oracle.com/OA_HTML/ibeCCtdMinisites.jsp
      it says...

      "This application is no longer processing direct customer online orders and has been replaced by the new Oracle Store (www.oracle.com/store). Those customers responding to quotes from Oracle should still use this application to accept the quotes and process their orders. "

      Any thoughts what 'New Oracle Store' might be and how it may proceed to take place of existing 'Oracle iStore'? Recently only they released R12, and there are many customer still on 11.5.10 still planning to upgrade to R12. Should they wait and go for this new better ecommerce solution?

      All ideas are welcomed.