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    Buyer Replace for Items

      Is there a way to replace Buyer for all the existing items from one buyer to another.
      To explain further....
      A buyer x left organization and new buyer y replaced him.
      We needs to replace buyer on all those items in a single shot.
      Is there any seeded front end solution for this ?
      Thanks in advance....

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          Sanjay Desai EBS
          Hi Sree,

          If you want to talking about PO buyer at PO header level, then just try in TEST instance .

          Run the SQL.

          update po_headers_all
          set agent_id = < new buyer id >
          where org_id = <operating unit >
          and agent_id = < old buyer id >

          old/new Buyer id you can get from :select * from PO_AGENTS_V

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            My requirement is replacement for all items for that specific buyer to another buyer for all those items.
            For the query you have given... probably we have direct front end form to do the same.
            Can any one advise on this.

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              Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
              Sanjay, you can run the "Mass update of buyer name on purchasing documents" request instead of a backend update of purchase orders.
              However there is no request to update the items.
              You will have to run a sql.

              update mtl_system_items set buyer_id =&newid where buyer_id=&oldid

              The other option is to use the item master api/interface.

              Sandeep Gandhi

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