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    wf_notification.respond issue

      We are making our own page to display PO details and take action like "Approve", "Reject", "Approve and Reject" and "Forward". The requirement is similar to EBS Notifications page but due to some constraints we want the approver to action PO from internally developed screen instead of EBS Notifications.
      We are trying to approve and forward po approval by calling wf_notification.respond and passing result as approve_and_forward. But nothing is happening. But when we are passing approve and reject as result and then call wf_notification.respond it works.

      WFsupport team provided :

      Wf_Notification.Forward(nid in number,
      new_role in varchar2,
      forward_comment in varchar2,
      user in varchar2,
      cnt in number,
      action_source in varchar2)

      Wf_Notification.Transfer(.... );
      wf_notification.Respond(.... );

      Core Workflow team doesn't know how the seeded ApI's are implemented by different Functional Teams and because the Workflow Development team is not aware of the Business Logic from behind need help from the PO Development team.

      WF support team