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    Oracle EBS 12 Apps installation issue

      Hi All,

      Now Im installing Oracle EBS 12 In Hp-ux v3(31) Itanium Machines. Installation mode is Multinode. One is Database Tier and another one is Application Tier.

      I installed Database tier in One Machine. and Trying to install Apllcation tier in Another Machine. While Installing Application Tier It Goes Upto The Second stage (50-50%) after that It Throws The error Like This and Instaaltion terminated.


      Pid 7635 in trap loop, signal 10
      Pid 2471 in trap loop, signal 10
      /disk/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/bin/runWizard.sh[136]: 2471 Bus error(coredump)
      /disk/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz/bin/runWizard.sh[143]: Syntax error at line 143 : `then' is not matched.

      Please advice me to solve this Bugs.

      Thanks In Advance,