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    Messaging pattern 2.7.1 RemoveSubscriberFromMessageProcessor class missing

      When testing incubator Messaging 2.7.1 under Coherence *3.5.3* the server startup fails due to a missing class.

      In coherence-3.5-messagingpattern- the POF configuration file coherence-messagingpattern-pof-config.xml contains an entry for the following type:
      This class is absent from the com.oracle.coherence.patterns.messaging.entryprocessors package though it does exist in version 2.7.0.

      This causes the extensible namespace loader to produce the following exception when loading the messaging POF config at startup:
      Exception in thread "main" (Wrapped: Failed to start Service "DistributedCacheForSequenceGenerators" (ServiceState=SERVICE_STOPPED))...
      (Wrapped: Unable to load class for user type (Config=pof-config.xml, Type-Id=12037, Class-
      (Wrapped) java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.oracle.coherence.patterns.messaging.entryprocessors.RemoveSubscriberFromMessageProcessor
      - Is this class still required but missing from 2.7.1?
      - Or was this class removed intentionally from the JAR and the POF file is now incorrect?

      I assume push replication 3.0.1 can't be used since it depends on messaging 2.7.1. Perhaps I'm making a configuration error. However there was no problem running the previous version.

      Kind regards