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    Internal Requisitions and Inventory Linking


      We have unique requirement of setting up of internal requisitions for stocked items in inventory thru iProcurement
      Following are the modules being used
      4)Fixed Assets

      Need an understanding for basic setting up internal requisitions.The idea is we will be stocking the items in the inventory which would be issued thru Inventory. A end user will be requesting for items which are present in the inventory (thru the iproc stores) this would be an internal requisition. This will flow to person who will check the inventory and issue the material.If the item is not present in the stock he/she will raise an external requisition.

      1)Need an understanding on whether internal requisitions can be used for this requirement? If yes what would be preliminary set ups
      2)Need an understanding on how do we receive/issue an Material to/from an inventory

      We have proposed to have 4 Inventory Orgs
      IT, ADMIN, OPERATION and Marketing under which would be categorirzing the items would be done. Since each PO would be received under the main inv org IT/ADMIN/OPERATION/MKT. How do we stock the items.

      Any help would be appreciated..Thank you