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    re-create .dbc file

      Hi All,

      my system:
      ebsr12 12.1.1
      os: oulx64

      please advise how to re-create .DBC FILE
      the problem now : at applTier i can connect using sqlplus with user name "apps/password"
      but when startup i got an error
      $ adstpall.sh apps/xxxxx

      You are running adstpall.sh version 120.10

      adstpall.sh: Database connection could not be established. Either the database is down or the APPS credentials supplied are wrong.

      USAGE: adstpall.sh <appsusername/appspassword>

      adstpall.sh: exiting with status 1

      check the file TEST.dbc and it has only generic info like below

      # $Header: template.dbc 120.0 2005/05/07 16:45:30 appldev ship $
      # TEMPLATE.dbc
      # Template database configuration file.
      # Create one copy of this file for each database instance this
      # Applications Server will connect to. Each file should have the name
      # <database_instance_name>.dbc
      # and be located in this directory ($FND_TOP/secure).
      # Change each of the parameters below to values appropriate for
      # the database instance. Do not change the syntax.
      # This file can be gererated using the AdminAppServer tool.
      # This is a java utility that can be run from the command line.
      # Instructions to use this tool are documented in the Applications
      # Sysadmin Manual.

      # TWO_TASK
      # SQL*Net name of database.


      Thanks in advance