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    Need to send object instances over the network

      I found no other way to implement a switch case to cast objects on both sides to solve my problem.
      Basically I need to send objects over a network protocol based on XML, the object is sent inside XML
      converted in base64, overall encoding of XML is utf-8.

      Let's suppose in my network there are 2 peers connected via socket.
      I have multiple instances of different types on both peers but I want to keep these instances
      synchronized. If something changes on side A, side B must receive that instance and replace
      it in the correct place (just one way, from A to B).

      When I receive such instance on B I want to cast it to it's proper instance
      of it's proper type and I am scratching my head on how could I implement this without some
      sort of unique ID table and switch case.

      If I had 1 instance per type could it be done easily?
      But I need to keep in synch many instances per type.

      Is there any dynamic casting that I can trigger based on some type/instanceID information
      I could send along the object?