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    OutofMemory problem while inserting more than 20K records to ArrayList

      I am getting OutOfMemory exception while inserting more than 20K records.
      I have Java frontend which makes the call to the backend Java (using ejb) which has business logic. Due to security reason I can't make database call from front end java.
      Currenty I am passing 20K studentids from java frontend to java backend in arraylist. And in backend I am making db call, getting details of all 20K studendids (50 columns per student), storing those in Arraylist and returing Arraylist to front end Java. It works fine for less number of records (e.g. 2-5K) but it creates prob for more records (20K).

      I have to process those data at frontend, so I have to return the Arraylist.

      Could anyone please help me to resolve issue, let me know incase any more details require.