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    How to programmatically get the source for a class provided the class name?


      As a quick background, I am providing some tools to potential users of an in-house framework. One is the ability to generate quick prototypes from our existing demo applications. Assume a user downloads our jars and uses them in their project (we are using Eclipse, but that detail should not greatly affect my question). Included in the jars is a demos package that contains ready-to-run classes that serve to exhibit certain functionality. Since many users may just need quick extensions of these demos, I am trying to provide a way for them to be able to create a new project that starts with a copy of the demo class.

      So, the user is provided a list of the existing demos (each one uses a single class). When the user makes their selection, with the knowledge of our framework, I can translate that into what demo class they need (returned as a string of format package.subpack1.subpackn.DemoClassName). What I now want to do is to use that complete class name to get the source (look up the file) for the corresponding class, and copy it into to a new file in their project (the copying into the project can be done easily in Eclipse, so what I need help with is the bolded part). Is there a simple way to get the source given a class path for a class as described above? You may assume the source files are included in the jars for the framework.

      Thanks in advance.