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    Monitoring memory and thread management for Java 1.4.2_04


      I have an application which is using Java version 1.4.2_04. The application deployed in Customer site is having some memory issues. There are observing java.exe going 100% in Task Manager. The same application (of higher version)
      uses Java 1.5 is not seeing any issues.

      Now Customer needs the root cause of the issue and i would like to check the code which is causing the issue. I came to know we can monitor threads and memory using JConsole. Since we are using Java 1.4, i installed Java 1.6 on a remote machine and tried connecting to the problematic machine. But it failed to connect.
      i have added the option "-Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.port=8880" when starting JVM (this i have provided inside ServletExec batch file, ServletExec is my web server).

      Any idea how to connect to the problematic machine from remote using JConsole. Or any other tools i can use on Java 1.4 to nail down the problem..

      Please provide pointers.

      I have another doubt on Java version 1.4, since there were many memory issues, am i hitting any defect in Java 1.4