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    Porfiling Self Time and Profiling Non Server Application


      I have a an application of the form com.foo.X and com.foo.Y.main which makes a bunch of calls into com.foo.X. When I profile this, I see only com.foo.Y.main and its
      calls to com.foo.Y.anotherroutine which is listed with only "self-time". Attempts to adjust the boxes "start profiling from classes" and "profile new runnables" produce data
      on com.foo.Y's few methods.

      When I turn on the profiler and hit "CPU" I see it find only 23 methods, even if I am sure that the appropriate classes have loaded (by running one iteration of my application before I stop it to profile).

      Anyone know what is wrong that I can not get it to profile down into com.foo.X?

      Anyone know how to make this profiler just do a "profile -jar FOO.jar" and profile all of the encountered classes and methods?