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    Tool to convert managed stack to java managed stack

      I use a debugger to debug windows programs. This debugger has a dll I can load that will interpret .net objects. This allows me to debug a mixed native / managed processes and when i get to a thread that is running .net code I can dump both the unmanaged stack as well as the managed stack. I know that jdb can be used to debug java but is there any info or tips on how, given a native stack such as -

      08c3fb70 080c119d 0334b660 1e20dd80 0334b660 jvm!JVM_FindSignal+0x19be2
      08c3fb90 0806aee5 0334b7e0 08c3fbc4 0334b660 jvm!JVM_RegisterPerfMethods+0x13126
      08c3fbb0 00887a7e 0334b660 08c3fbc4 00887a52 jvm+0x6aee5
      08c3fde4 080aab6d 0000000a 00000000 08c3fe94 jvm+0x70c8a
      08c3fe20 08070b97 08070b9c 08c3ff34 08c3fe48 jvm!JVM_FindSignal+0x1dee1
      08c3fe3c 08070893 08c3ff34 0334b7dc 08c3fe94 jvm+0x70b97
      08c3fe74 080708cc 08c3ff34 0334b7cc 08122348 jvm+0x70893
      08c3fef0 0808967f 08c3ff34 0334b7c8 0334b7cc jvm+0x708cc

      I can get the name of the managed function the jvm is running? My problem is that i have a windows crash dump file. I'm not opposed to using jdb if it can read dmp files.