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    Memory Leakage Detection


      Want to know how can I detect any memory leakage using any profiler. There are so many links on the net but there is no simple documentation on net that gives simple steps to detect any memory leakage.

      Also most profilers do not show how many Garbage Collections an object has survived. This information could be critical in deciding memory leakage. What they show is how many objects are there in the Heap. If there are 10 String Objects in the heap after 1 min. of program start and 50 Objects after 2 min. (after invoking GC), this could be due to the normal activity of the program and not memory leakage.

      Pls remember any response to this thread would be beneficial to lot many Java guys I know with even 6-9 yrs. experience would want to know. So Instead of giving links to any site, I would appreciate if anyone can explain this in some simple language.