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    Getting Time Out Exception while Remote Debugging in Eclipse

      Hi i am using MyEclipse6.0 and Weblogic 11g .

      I deployed an application in an application server and wants to debug the application from the Eclipse IDE using the RemoteDebugger .

      Added some break points to my servlet .

      Somehow i am geting error Timeout Exception .

      The steps i followed is :

      1. From the Menu I clicked on Debug As Icon and selected Open Debug Dialog.
      2. From Remote Java Application , I clicked New
      3. Given some Name ,
      4. Under connect tab , Given the Host and port , broswed to the approiate Project
      5.Under source Tab , Added the source ,
      6.Under Common Tab , clicked LOcal File , checked Debug Option ,clicked Appply and Debug.

      I am getting

      Failed to connect to remote VM. Connection timed out.

      Please help me .