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    HELP Needed: Secure RMI without SslRMI API

      We are implementing a secure RMI to encrypt the data transfer. Our project does not allow the option of any SSL implementation such as certification install or any new software install etc.

      We just have to be able secure the data without SslRMI API usage. One option we found on the sun site is below which I have already read through

      Custom RMI Socket Factory API documentation at the following link

      this option was good but our project does not like the simple XOR kind of encryption as the data is hyper sensitive which is provided by the Custom RMI Socket Factory. therefore, we are searching for a way something like this
      a true encryption such as ( PBE key based) in a RMI transport layer package to implement.

      Second question: Has anyone improved the Custom RMI Socket Factory from simple XOR encryption to a password based encryption or key based encryption?

      We appreciate your input

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