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    IDLJ: Invalid argument:  -td


      I'm using idlj tool to compile some idl files to Java code.
      While setuping some cron builders i've found a problem using Linux workstation.

      The idlj compiler fails to build when using some directory.
      idlj -td /data_local1/tmp/src-idl/ /data_local1/myIdl.idl
      com.sun.tools.corba.se.idl.InvalidArgument: Invalid argument:  -td.
      Compiler Usage:
          java com.sun.tools.corba.se.idl.toJavaPortable.Compile [options] <idl file>
      -td <dir>                 use <dir> for the output directory instead of
                                the current directory.
      But if i use another directory it works:
      idlj -td /tmp/src-idl/ /data_local1/myIdl.idl
      I have access rights to this directory (and there is enough space):
      ll /data_local1/tmp/
      drwxr-xr-x 2 XXXXXXX XX          4096 Aug  2 14:25 src-idl
      touch /data_local1/tmp/src-idl/test
      -> success
      I've found this while googling:

      Can it be related ?

      This is quite annoying as /data_local1/ is the "standard" mounting point for local drive, and i need to be able execute idlj on any workstation.

      Any idea ?