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    Generated class : how to load it into web server

      I have a web service and its web methods; I created a custom annotation and annotated the web methods with it. This custom annotation generates a new class file that works as a special interface for my web methods; I desire to load it into the web container, how could I reach this result? The generated class is a special interface that intercepts inputs and outputs to/from annotated web method. Thank you!

      ps the generated class is correctly generated as a .java file and compiled as a .class file

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          This should be straightforward - you need to make sure that the generated .class file is either (1) included in the WEB-INF/classes directory, or (2) packaged in a Jar file in WEB-INF/lib, when you create your WAR file for deployment.
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            Thank you!
            The generated .java and .class files are effectively in build/web/WEB-INF/classes directory, but where can I find it on the web server? I use GlassFish v2.
            Another question : the generated class should call web service's web methods, but it is not clear for me how the call should be done. In different project, from netbeans, a create a Web Service Client and this generates all java classes from WSDL decriptions of Web Service operations. Then, from code, I call web service operation through the generated proxy. But my case is different (or not?) because I should call web service operation from the generated class that is a part of the web service! :) I am confused...

            Thank you for your attention :)