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    .class file does not exist.

      In Apache error_log file I am getting number of errors says "File Does not exist try.class"; I have login.html file. Also I have a folder named as try which contains four Java files named like tryApplets.java. Also I am getting similar error for my try.propertites files I am using.
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          Do you have a source file called try.java (case matters)? If so, you need to check to ensure that try.java is getting compiled into try.class and that try.class is getting into your classpath. I'm assuming the tryApplets.java and the other Java files you mentioned are your own classes. You will also need to make sure that try.properties is on your classpath. I realize that you may need more information on how to do this, but it would be helpful if you could provide additional details about the environment you're trying to run this in and the setup of your code for deployment.