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    array required, but int found -- help with my code plz

      I keep on getting:
      ***.java:59: array required, but int found
      ***.java:58: array required, but float found

      here is my code: (i'm not looking for a fix, but I'm looking why)

           public static void countWords(String strng) throws IOException
                String changedSent="";
                int spaceCount=0;
                int sp=-1; //used for the location of the space.
                int charCount; //the number of characters.
                int wordCount; //the number of words.
                int averageLetters;
                float vowelCount=0; // the number of vowels
                int counter; // a counter
                //tests for spaces
                spaceCount=countChar(' ',strng);
                //tests for vowels
                wordCount=spaceCount+1; //sets the number of words that there are in the line
           public static int countChar(char counted,String strng)
                int totalCount;
                int sp;
                String changedSent;
                while (sp != -1) {
                     if (totalCount==0) {
                          changedSent=strng.substring(0,sp) + strng.substring(sp+1,strng.length());
                     } else {
                          changedSent=changedSent.substring(0,sp) + changedSent.substring(sp+1,changedSent.length());