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    Jar files

      my program uses pictures, batch files, executable files. On my computer the program is fully functional, but when i want to use it on a different pc the drive paths will be wrong. I have come to understand that the easiest way around this is to create .jar files containing the resources i need. If I'm wrong please tell me. If I'm right please tell me how and/or give links to sites that explain. I have been to a lot of sites, but still not grasping how to create them, where to store them, and how to access them. Although sites are very imformative, I would rather someone explain it to me here or post their e-mail for me to contact them. I'll post mine if you want. This project needs to be wrapped up soon. I will be burning it onto a cd and duplication and distribution, so this accessing ability is key.

      Thanks Tom
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          To potential repliers: Check all the duplicates of this post made in various forums by the OP before you consider posting here.
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            I am asking different questions as I learn more things about it. I believe I was on the right track when "this post is getting too far away from the title". So I made a new post. The question it totally new. It is still about drive paths, but now it is about Jar files. I don't see the problem. If you don't wanna post, then don't post. But there is no reason to tell people not to help me. I didn't know that forums for based on so much drama. I don't want to start anything, but I would like answers if ya got em. You don't have to tell me, but I got nowhere else to go. I'm at a small college and none of my professors can answer this. I'm trying a project that's new for my college. I'm going elsewhere for help. Help me if you can, if not then don't.