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    Need to display prior and current fiscal years for from and thru date

      Hi rightnow my code is displaying 2006 as from date and 2007 as thru date, but i want to display prior fiscal year 2007 as a from date and current fiscal year 2008 as a thru date..
      This is the script i am using Any help welcome as i am a beginner..
      html += "<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JAVASCRIPT>\r\n";
                html += "priorFiscalYear(\"hdn_from_date\",\"hdn_thru_date\");\r\n";
      //          html += "alert(document.F1.hdn_from_date.value.substring(document.F1.hdn_from_date.value.length-4))";
                html += "document.F1.hdn_from_date.value = document.F1.hdn_from_date.value.substring(document.F1.hdn_from_date.value.length-4);"; 
                html += "document.F1.hdn_thru_date.value = document.F1.hdn_thru_date.value.substring(document.F1.hdn_thru_date.value.length-4);";          
                html += "</SCRIPT>\r\n";