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    Java Runtime Updates --  Do I need to keep ALL of the update files ???

      Hello All --

      I have a quick question that may seem a little on the DUMB side but here goes... After Java Runtime Environment 6 came out, there have been 3 updates. The original JRE 6 was just over 88 MB, Update 1 was 134 MB, and Updates 2 & 3 were 111 MB EACH!!! Even though they all together add up to less than 1 GB, I am rapidly running out of space on my hard drive. When I originally installed WinXP on my computer, I had to Partition my hard drive, since WinXP is not the only OS that I am running. The largest that I could partition the segment of my HD for WinXP was 32 GB.

      Needless to say, I am EXTREMELY frustrated since these updates are (seemingly) wasting precious space on my HD!! If these downloads are truly UPDATES... then why didn't the update write over the original program (or in the case of the 2^nd^ & 3^rd^ updates, write over the previous updates!!!

      My question is this ... Can I safely delete the original file & the 1^st^ & 2^nd^ updates, leaving the 3^rd^ and most current update intact???

      I have one other question that I am hoping that someone will be able to answer even though it doesn't directly involve Java.

      I have the same problem with the Microsoft .NET framework updates. Since .NET 3.0 ; Service Pack 1 came out, I have downloaded it but it didn't overwrite the MS .NET framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 Do I need to keep the 2.0 SP1 program?? The .NET 2.0 SP1 is occupying 189 MB of my HD. As it stands currently (before any of the above mentioned programs are uninstalled) I only have approximately 4.2 GB of space left on my HD so I really need to uninstall these if at all possible w/o causing more problems.

      With Sincere Thanks!!

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