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    [Enums] How to? Method must return a result of type Enum

      I have a little problem. I write a program as below:
      public enum MyColor {
                BLACK (0,0,0),
                WHITE (255,255,255),
                RED (255,0,0),
                GREEN (0,255,0),
                BLUE (0,0,255),
                YELLOW (255,255,0),
                MAGENTA (255,0,255);
                int r, g, b;
                MyColor(int rc, int gc, int bc) {
                     r=rc; g=gc; b=bc;
                boolean compare(int rc, int gc, int bc) {
                     if(this.r==rc && this.g==gc && this.b==bc)
                          return true;
                     else return false;
                public static MyColor giveName(int rc, int gc, int bc) {
                     for(MyColor tmp: MyColor.values()) {
                          if(rc==tmp.r && gc==tmp.g && bc==tmp.b) return tmp;
      and have a question: what is wrong with method giveName(). It must return a color(RED, BLACK, ...) which has the same RGB scheme as integer values of parameters (rc, gc, bc) or return null. How to return this values?
      Thanks for all, A.