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    Trouble setting global boolean variables


      I'm having trouble setting global boolean variables in my code.
      Somehow I can read their values but I can not set them to 'true' or 'false' (unless I hard-code it, of course).
      Here's my code:
      class test {
           // goals, true = goal is active
           static boolean goal0 = false;
           static boolean goal1 = false;
           static boolean goal2 = false;
           static boolean goal3 = false;
           static boolean goal4 = false;
           static boolean goal5 = false;
           static boolean goal6 = false;
           static boolean goal7 = false;
           // array of goals
           static boolean[] goals = {
                goal0, goal1, goal2, goal3, goal4, goal5, goal6, goal7
           static void setGoals() {
                goal0 = true;
                goal2 = true;
                goal4 = true;
                goal6 = true;
           public static void main(String [] args) {
                // goals status
                for(int d=0; d<goals.length; d++) {
                     System.out.println(d + ": " + goals[d]);
      When I run this program all variables are 'false', even if I run the function 'setGoals()' to set a few of them to 'true'.
      Can someone explain why this happens and how I can fix it?

      Thanks a lot in advance,