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    Text (String) presentation

      I am trying to present text (string) in this matter and the Panel is empty (not presenting) . why is that?
      Thank u!

      public void updateClassificationResults(String content)
                JScrollPane scrollP = new JScrollPane();
                JEditorPane textPane = new JEditorPane();
                catch (Exception ex)
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          You might want to consider creating a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example or SSCCE. This is a small application that you create that is compilable and runnable without need of any additional classes or files, and demonstrates your error, but contains no extraneous, unnecessary code that is not associated with your problem. This would allow us to compile and play with your code, to better see what may help you. To see more about this and how to create this, please look at this link:


          Also, if you want to post code, please use code tags to prevent the forum from mangling your code's formatting. The tag [code] goes on top of your code block, and the tag [/code] goes on the bottom of the block like so:
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