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    Problem with blocked JNLP/JAR files when Connectra SSL extender.

      Hello there,

      Great to be among experts and hopefully some one might be able to help me or point somewhere I can get help.

      The issue is that my company is using a Remote SSL connection software called Connectra NGX (Network Extender) to let remote users connect to the corporate network and from their connect to secure (https) web based database. Everything works well, the ports, https are all defined in firewall and the users are given the needed permissions. But when a user logins in through Connectra and then accesses the web based database (login successful) and invokes some built in tools which is based on JAR/JNLP applets, these applets gets a prompt saying that "Unable to launch application" and that it cannot load .."application manager-client.jar".
      Internally within the corporate network this works fine but when connecting though this Connectra VPN and loading those built-in tools comes with the above error.

      I know that it is not well explained but if someone is able to assist with this issue, I will be much obliged.


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