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    Using Random Access Files

      Hey all

      so i have to create a random access file that i have to both write and read from, and it will be filled with records consisting of an integer (key field, between 0 and 9999), a double, and a string. (this will all go into a .dat file)

      Okay so what i would do first usually is basically create 9999 blank records, and i have no problem doing this with just the integer and double.

      I'll show you the code i have for creating blank records of just an integer(account number) and double (balance)

      also note: when i say "Key field" i mean the field that will be used when i search for a record.

                      RandomAccessFile myFile = new RandomAccessFile("theFile.dat","rw")
                      final int RECORDSIZE = 12; //size of an integer is 4, size of a double is 8
                final int NUMRECORDS = 9999;
                try {
                     for(int x = 0; x < NUMRECORDS; ++x)
                      catch(IOException e) {
                     System.out.println("Error: " + e.getMessage());
      Right so, my problem:

      When i want to add in a string, i have to use writeUTF() right? i'm not sure on either how to make a "blank" area for a string, since it could be of variable bytes. i've tried experimenting with a few things like in that loop there putting myFile.writeUTF(" "); but that obviously doesn't work.

      so basically what i need is a way to, instead of having:

      Int Double Int Double Int Double......... all the way through the dat file

      i need to have:

      Int String Double Int String Double Int String Double...

      Any help would be appreciated, thanks

      Edit: I think in simpler terms i think i'm trying to create a fixed length .dat file

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