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    Not sure how to write this, but I might need parent class instance

      public class SimpleBrowser extends BrowserBean { // BrowserBean extends JFrame
        class LayoutManager {
               * Handle {@link #urlLabelText} to change color if {@link java.net.URL} displayed is not {@link #homeURL}
              private void handleURLLabelText() {
                  l = new JLabel(urlLabelText);
                  if (getURL() != null && getHomeURL() != null && !getURL().equals(getHomeURL())) {
                              "Do you wish to set \"" + getURLPath() + "\" as your default homepage?",
                              "Set as new homepage",
      I am trying to correctly use JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog() in order to set up an confirm option pane embedded internally into the instance of the class SimpleBrowser. However, upon doing so I get the following compiler error:

      Cannot find symbol
      symbol: method showConfirmDialog(java.lang.Class< capture of ? super capture of ? extends com.ppowell.tools.ObjectTools.SimpleBrowser.LayoutManager >,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,int)
      location: class javax.swing.JOptionPane

      Not sure exactly what I need to put into showConfirmDialog() to make it work, based on the architecture above, what do you recommend?

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