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    JavaDB: javadb-10_2_2_0-linux.bin install fails

      I have twice downloaded (using wget and SDM) JavaDB for Linux, installing onto Gentoo x86_64.

      I get:
      tail: cannot open `+33' for reading: No such file or directory
      The download file appears to be corrupted.
      Please do not attempt to install this archive file.
      Haven't had any problems installing anything else (JavaDOC, NetBeans) on this machine over the last couple of days. Any ideas?
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          try the JavaDB forum... if I answered that the rumour is that we'd be overrun by all kinds of people asking everything from "how to bake a cake" (which I can answer with some authority) to how many emphanarian pisquibles are there too an aardvark (to which the answer is induibabatbly 42).

          ... but I can tell you that the script/bat installer has a null arguement right after the tail +33 ... as in tail +33 ${weaponsOfMassDestruction}

          Good luck elsewhere.