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    Proxy telnet?

      Hi: I have two servers hostA and hostB. hostA is my web server. I wantmy users who can reach the webserver on hostA, run an applet that connects to hostB using SSH and telnets to a remote host (somewhat like a telnet proxy). I am a newbie at java. So wondering if this can be done and if someone can provide me some pointers.

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          This library ought to give you a good headstart.
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            Hi: Thanks for your response. I have already tried that and had issues.

            Here's what I have done so far. I downloaded and started mrelayd on hostB and see it's listening on port 31415. I downloaded the jta26.jar and created the following html file on hostA
            <applet CODEBASE="."
            WIDTH=590 HEIGHT=360>
            <param name="config" value="applet.conf">
            when I access telnet.html http://hostA/telnet.html, I get a window saying: Sorry, Could not connect to: 23.... Looks like it is trying to connect to the localhost

            Couple of questions
            1. I am guessing I have to copy default.conf. Where do I copy it to and as what?
            2. how do I configure the telnet.html to go to hostA port 31415?
            3. How do I pass an argument telling what the target host is I am trying to telnet to?