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    Problem with exe file

      Could anyone please help me to execute an exe file "fi2t1". It needs to pick up necessary files from source and place the output files to the desination
      source     =>String FirstParam1 = "C:/Temp/sample";
      destination=>String SecondParam = "C:/Temp/sample";
      My code is:
      private static void compilingFiles() throws IOException 
           String FirstParam1 = "C:/Temp/sample";
           String SecondParam = "C:/Temp/sample";
           Process procforopenreport2 =Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c start /MIN C:/Temp/sample/fi2t1 "+ FirstParam1, (String[])null, new File(SecondParam));
      Currently, nothing is executing as output
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          I'm not sure what you are saying the problem is - is the program not executing, or is it not producing the output you think it should?

          In the first case, place all of the parameters in an array, as shown here:

          If the problem is everything runs but doesn't output, read this article:
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            The exe file "fi2t1" is supposed to pick up some needed files from the source "C:/Temp/sample" (there are already some files in the source) and should produce output files to the destination "C:/Temp/sample"