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    Internal Error : Error Code 9

      Dear All,
      We have an application that uses Sun's Toolkit for printing documents. The application firsts generates an image and then creates a document that has the image embedded within it. Once this is done the application uses the graphics.drawString method for printing the document on a print that has been configured in the unix machine.
      Our application is hosted on a Solaris Enviroment and we are using WAS 4.0.3. It used to work until a week back but has since stopped working for some reason. In the logs the following Error is getting logged.

      java.lang.InternalError: Error code 9:
      at sun.awt.motif.CheckExitCodeRunnable.run(PSPrintControl.java:602)
      at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:479)

      Does anyone have any idea on what this problem might be? I have seem to run out of ideas on how to proceed further.. Thanks in advance