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    Advice on debugging Java EE 5 application in Netbeans

      Hi All,

      I am new to debugging Java EE 5 application in Netbeans but believes that it is only a matter of right click on project (HelloWorld67) and select debug. The following steps have been carried out on the GF 2.1 Application Server prior to debugging this application:

      1. Enable debugging in the Application Server using the Admin Console:
      a. Select the Application Server node.
      b. Select the JVM Settings tab. The default debug options are set to:
      -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y, suspend=n,address=9009
      c. Check the Enabled box of the Debug field.
      d. Click the Save button.
      2. Stop the Application Server and start it up in debug mode within Netbeans.
      3. However, Netbeans debugger keeps prompting "Is the server running in debug mode?". A YES response results in no action taken by debugger but return message "either stop the server or restart it in running mode", which I have already done so. On the other hand, a NO response starts up the debugger and remain in that mode without getting to the breakpoint on line 12 of HellowWorld67ApplicationClient.java in HelloWorld67.EAR.

      Below is the content of HellowWorld67ApplicationClient.java:
      package client;
      import ejb.HelloRemote;
      import javax.ejb.EJB;
      public class HellowWorld67ApplicationClient {
      private static HelloRemote hellobean;
      public static void main(String[] args) {

      Also included below is the application client output:
      Copying 1 file to C:\Documents and Settings\Jack\HelloWorld67\dist
      Non-existing path "C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\dom.jar" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\xalan.jar" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\xercesImpl.jar" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\jaxrpc-impl.jar" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\saaj-impl.jar" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\jaxr-impl.jar" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\relaxngDatatype.jar" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\xsdlib.jar" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\fscontext.jar" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Documents and Settings\Jack\HelloWorld67\${javac.classpath}" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Documents and Settings\Jack\HelloWorld67\${run.classpath}" provided.
      Non-existing path "C:\Documents and Settings\Jack\HelloWorld67\${src.dir}" provided.
      Have no FileObject for C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\dom.jar
      Have no FileObject for C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\xalan.jar
      Have no FileObject for C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\xercesImpl.jar
      Have no FileObject for C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\jaxrpc-impl.jar
      Have no FileObject for C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\saaj-impl.jar
      Have no FileObject for C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\jaxr-impl.jar
      Have no FileObject for C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\relaxngDatatype.jar
      Have no FileObject for C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\xsdlib.jar
      Have no FileObject for C:\Sun\AppServer\lib\fscontext.jar
      Attached JPDA debugger to localhost:9009
      Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 9009

      Have I missed any step along the way?
      HelloWorld67 is a working Java EE 5 application.
      I am running JDK1.6.0_17, Netbeans 6.7 on Windows XP.

      Thanks in advance,