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    Different Aggregation operators on the same dimension

      I have cube with two measures(SALES and EOPASSETS) and one dimension which is a time dimension. The default aggregation operator is SUM for the time dimension. SUM is the aggregation operator for SALES measure and Hierarchical Last Member is the operator for EOPASSETS. The cube maintenance fails with error

      INI: error creating a definition manager, Generic at TxsOqConnection::generic<BuildProcess>INI: XOQ-01600: OLAP DML error "ORA-35576: SQL cursor 'C1' is not open." while executing DML "SYS.AWXML!R11_LOAD_MEASURES('DEMANTRADW.CUBE' SYS.AWXML!___R11_LONG_ARG_VALUE(SYS.AWXML!___R11_LONG_ARG_DIM 1) SYS.AWXML!___R11_LONG_ARG_VALUE(SYS.AWXML!___R11_LONG_ARG_DIM 2) SYS.AWXML!___R11_LONG_ARG_VALUE(SYS.AWXML!___R11_LONG_ARG_DIM 3) 'NO')", Generic at TxsOqStdFormCommand::execute

      If the remove the EOPASSETS measure or change its aggregation operator to SUM, there is no problem. Can anyone help me sorting this issue ? The cube is not compressed and the time dimension is not sparse. I'm using Oracle OLAP .