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    Embedded Web Container - Logs


      I have installed Apex Listener to run Apex 4.01 on Centos 5.5 using:
      java –jar <temp directory>\apex.war
      I want to check the logs files. I would be really thankful if someone please tell me the location where the logs are stored?
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          Hi Habib,

          I think the Embedded Web Container doesn't write a logfile by default. I don't know if there is any (undocumented) option to change that, but right now I think the console output is all log you'll get. Of course you could use your OS mechanisms to redirect that output into a file.

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            Thanks Udo

            Can you tell me please how to log console output to a file using OS mechanism?

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              Hello Habib,

              you can redirect the console like that
              java -jar apex.war >>my_apex_listener.log 2>&1
              General information for redirecting output of console commands can be found here:
              There is also a special page for Windows systems (based on XP, but should work the same on other MS OSes):

              Note that you have to use the console for the first-time use in order to do the initial configuration.
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                Thanks Udo

                I'll try this.