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    Cannot find symbol error when compiling in different packages

      Hey all,

      I'm trying to divide my project into a sensible hierarchy. This is what I want:
      MyProject/src ................................. where all the source files are (no further directories)
      MyProject/classes/classes2 ................ sorry for not being creative XD
      Now, Age uses Main, and this is where the trouble is. I'm using javac directly to compile Age, and this is how I'm doing it:
      //from MyProject
      javac -cp classes src/Age.java
      And I get this error:
      bla bla bla...cannot find symbol
      symbol  : variable Main
      location: class classes2.Age
                years = (byte)(Main.year - m.getYear());
      Main is already compiled and in place.

      Also, this is how Age.java starts:
      package classes2;
      public class Age
      I'm using JCreator as an IDE (and using it's own build function, the same error occurs, which is why I tried directly compiling the file).

      Why can't javac find Main.class? I tried searching Google, but my particular problem didn't seem to crop up.

      Hope I provided enough information, and ask if more is needed.

      Many thanks :)