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    Number format trouble --(double value taking scientific form)

      I am working on a application in which it involves reading from a file and adding the numeric values and store in the database and retreive in another screen. I am using the datatype double to store the amounts. But when the program inserts the value in the database the insert script generated by the program looks like the one below

      insert into tbl_tb(Account,type,actual_trans,openbal)values('1000_1234_20213','debit','4.90783584E8','0.0')

      This gives me a error at the database side " cannot convert string to numeric" The datatype for the actual_trans on the database is numeric(18,2).If i make it to varchar2 it workks but there is much of calculations and i get a variance when i do add using the parsing and all.

      Pls help me out

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