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Check file exists

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This is my program for checking .txt files from current folder to another folder. I have a list of files in FolderB that i want to check if they exists in FolderA. The problem is that i cant get the checkFile() method to check each file from the arraylist one at a time. How can i do that??
public class FileList

    public static void checkFile() {
   try {
        File cFile = new File("C:/FolderA");
        boolean exists = cFile.exists();

        if (!exists) {
            //It returns false if File or directory does not exist
            System.out.println("The file  does not exist :" + exists);

        } else {
            // It returns true if File or directory exists
            System.out.println("The file  does exist : " + exists);

    } catch (Exception ex){
         System.out.println("Exception in checkFile method::" +ex);
   public static void main(String args[]){
   File file = new File("C:/FolderB");
   File[] files = file.listFiles();
   for (int x = 0; x < files.length; x++)


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