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    Javadoc Tool - Fatal Error Missing Resource

      Hi there.
      After reading [this thread|http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=722532] I tried to create a standard_pt.properties file.
      No matter how I try I got error message saying:

      java.lang.Error: Fatal: Resource (com.sun.tools.doclets.formats.html.resources.standard) for javadoc doclets is missing.

      I copied the standard.properties file to standard_pt.properties;
      changed some strings;
      compile it using the make/tools/CompileProperties/CompileProperties.java file and I got standard_pt.java;
      generate the .class file through javac command;
      put it in my tools.jar in com.sun.tools.doclets.formats.html.resources

      There's something about the package declaration in standard_pt.properties? Something else?

      Someone can confirm if the thread above really works?

      Thank you.