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    Having trouble insert/sorting array values w/ binary searching.

      The client will be making an array and adding numbers to it. Its my job/objective to make sure that when the client passes it into the array - it is sorted in non-decreasing order.

      Note - i just finally learned about binary search and still trying to toy around with it. Have to utilize it - can't use sequential search as its resource consuming.

      So i'm basically just starting off with the client program VAGUELY - (you get the jist) - doing basic things like,
      basically just shoving value 10,9,11 into my program.

      So, ideally - i want it the array to sort itself out. (without using array.sort)

      array - [9.10.11]

      Though i'm running into issues - i think my logic/thoughts/code in the ADD method (below) is messed. But i've hit a stump.. and honestly can't get around it... I called indexOf to use binary search to locate the index for the value, and so found that.

      Simply insert into that index? But it doesn't seem to comply.

      Might have been misunderstanding something. I got the idea.. just can't think of the right code to put it into performance.

      Took 2 quarter break from java, and decided to jump back into it for the next level class as it was a minor requirement -so my coding IS indeed flakey most definetly, so any assistance small or large would be greatly appreciated.

      import java.util.*;
      public class SortArrayList {
          private int[] elementData; 
          private int size;          
          public static final int MAX_CAP = 100;
          public SortArrayList() {
          public SortArrayList(int capacity) {
              elementData = new int[capacity];
              size = 0;
      // Use binary search to look for a requested value.
          public int indexOf(int value) {
                int index = Arrays.binarySearch(elementData,0,size, value);
                return index;           
          public void add(int value) {  
                int indexLocation = indexOf(value);      // look for index of value wanted to be inserted.
                     if(indexLocation > 0) {
                          elementData[indexLocation] = value;
                          elementData[-(indexLocation-1)] = value;
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