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    What is my String.split() not catching here?

      I am trying to implement the wordcount below. Most of the time it works great, the content matches the wc utility.
      Occasionally though it splits in a manner that creates a whitespace word. Any suggestions? Is there a better algorithm to switch to? This had appeared to be a clean approach up until these issues.
      public static int wordCounter(File inFile) throws FileNotFoundException, IOException{
                int count = 0;
                BufferedReader inReader = new LineNumberReader(new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream(inFile)));
                     String lineString;
                     String[] lineWords;     
                     //while not the end of the file               
                     while( (lineString = inReader.readLine()) != null){
                          lineWords = lineString.split("\\s+");
                          count += lineWords.length;                    
                } finally{
                     //close the BufferedReader
                     if(inReader != null){
                //return the count
                return count;
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