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    parse a XML

      I'm parsing a xml-like file but I have few problems in using some method; for example:
      NodeList listOfStates = doc.getElementsByTagName("state"); //I have tags <state attr="value".........>; but what about if I had <State...> or <STATE>???? My istruction doens't work in    
              //these cases. How can I change it?
      State n = myobj.getStates().lastElement(); //I created a State object for my aims
      NodeList childs = listOfStates.item(  ).getChildNodes(); //here I need to search in listOfStates a particular State. How can I retrieve it using XML methods???
      thanks in advance..
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          If you know the structure of the xml you are dealing with then use xpath. It is easy to learn.

          BTW if you want to by your way then use a loop to check each name in every node with value you have.