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    "Could ntot find the main class : PdfToImage"

      I am trying to produce a jar that I can execute from the command line. Currently it executes fine if I hit F6 to run the code in the Netbeans IDE.
      I read this article:
      but still can't get it to run from the command line. The error I get when clicking on the jar file is:
      "Could not find the main class PdfToImage"

      The source code is this:

      package converttoimage2;
      ...import statements here
      public class PdfToImage{
           public static void main(String[] args) {

      To build a jar file I navigated to the NetbeansProjects folder and typed the following (is this wrong?)
           jar cfm PdfToImage.jar ConvertToImage2\manifest.mf ConvertToImage2
      No error messages occured here. The manifest file originally was this (BTW I don't understand what that X-comment is trying to say)
           Manifest-Version: 1.0
           X-COMMENT: Main-Class will be added automatically by build
      so I added this line:
           Main-Class: PdfToImage
      and yes, I pressed Enter at the end of this line. This is the manifest that generates the error. I get the same error this way:
           Main-Class: converttoimage2.PdfToImage
      The code I'm using from the Windows command line to execute the jar (after I copy the jar file to the c-drive) is this:
           java -jar C:\PdfToImage.jar
      This errors out with
           Could not find the main class: PdfToImage
      I've also tried this;
           java C:\PdfToImage.jar

      The next thing i tried was to navigate to the class folder containing the PdfToImage.class. I copied the manifest into this class folder as well.From there I typed:
           jar cfm PdfToImage.jar manifest.mf PdfToImage
      This produced a jar file with no error messages, but I get the original error messsage when I try to execute. Also I doubt this last jar file is complete since it is only 2KB in size (My code references a library called PdfRenderer which is a 2MB jar).

      I'm completely lost here.
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